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PCD countersink drill
PCD countersink drill

High durability

High precision

Excellent surface quality

Long life

Wide applicability

Strong customization

PCD countersink drill is a high-performance cutting tool made of polycrystalline diamond (PCD) material. Its outstanding durability and precision make it ideal for modern machining.

The cutting edge of the PCD countersink drill is precision machined to maintain long-term sharpness and significantly improve processing efficiency. Its unique design makes it easy and fast to replace the drill bit, while ensuring the processing accuracy and meeting the needs of high-precision processing.

In addition, PCD countersink drills can maintain low surface roughness during processing, making the surface quality of the processed parts excellent. Its long life characteristics reduce the need for frequent tool replacements and lower operating costs. Whether it is aluminum alloy, carbon fiber or composite materials, PCD countersink drills can easily handle it, showing wide applicability.

We can also customize PCD countersink drills of different specifications and sizes according to customer needs to meet the needs of various processing scenarios.

Overall, the PCD countersink drill is an efficient, durable, and precise cutting tool that can provide excellent performance and reliable solutions for your machining.

PCD countersink drill is an indispensable high-end cutting tool in modern manufacturing. Its high hardness, wear resistance and efficient processing capabilities make it an important tool to improve production efficiency and reduce processing costs.

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High durability: The cutting edge of the PCD countersink drill is made of PCD (polycrystalline diamond) material. This material has extremely high hardness and wear resistance, allowing the tool to remain sharp during long-term use and reducing the need for replacement. frequency, thereby improving processing efficiency.

High precision: The thread and cone surface of the PCD countersink drill are designed to ensure high-precision processing. This design allows the drill bit to be replaced quickly and simply, reducing errors caused by replacing drill bits and improving machining accuracy.

Excellent surface quality: During the processing process, the PCD countersink drill can maintain a low surface roughness, reaching the standard of Ra0.4, and this low roughness can be maintained for a long time, making the surface quality of the processed parts excellent.

Long life: Due to its high durability and high precision, the tool life of PCD countersink drills is significantly improved compared to traditional tools, reaching 200% of the original. At the same time, the life of the guide pin has also been extended, further reducing the use time. cost.

Wide applicability: PCD countersink drills can be used for processing a variety of materials, including aluminum alloys, carbon fibers, composite materials, etc., especially when processing high-strength, high-hardness materials such as aviation carbon fiber parts.

Strong customization: PCD countersink drills can be customized according to customer needs, including different countersink angles, sizes, etc., which can meet the needs of different processing scenarios.

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Our Production Process

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    Tool Specifications or Workpiece Drawings

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CHANGZHOU CHINA MACHINERY TECHNOLOGY CO,LTD. is a professional manufacturer of solid carbide cutting tools, welded forming cutting tools, indexable cutting tools and carbide saw blade milling cutters.

Production of solid carbide drill bits, milling cutters, reamers, plug gauges, alloy blades, carbide saw blade milling cutters, spiral end mills, welding tools, indexable tools, machining center tools, tool holders, etc. CNC machining field. And undertake the design and manufacturing of various non-standard cutting tools.

The company uses high-quality domestically produced and imported rods and advanced first-class manufacturing equipment from Germany and Australia to meet the various needs of customers. High-quality materials and sophisticated equipment have created the company's first-class products. We sincerely welcome new and old customers to call and write to discuss ordering.


The company has a number of invention patents and professional-related honorary certificates to protect your product selection and manufacturing.

◆ National High-Tech Enterprise

◆ Holds Several National Patents

National Registered Trademark

◆ Jiangsu Province Shangyun Enterprise

ISO9001 Quality System Certification

3A Credit Rating Certificate

Independent Import And Export Rights


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How to doing the after service?

In order to improve user productivity, reduce user production costs, solve user cutting problems, and satisfy user processing quality. With quality first, reputation first, timely delivery and dedicated service to the manufacturing industry!

How to doing the after service?

Direct access to BZW Machinery specialists

Free telephone support all the time

Assist your workers in performing adjustment

Remote access for very efficient trouble shooting

Fast reaction time for on-site repair

Breakdown plan with guaranteed reaction times

What do I need to provide for customized knives?

The customer provides the workpiece drawing, and our company has specialists to design the tool.

Minimum order quantity for non-standard tools is 2 pieces.

What is the minimum order quantity?

How long is the delivery time of the tool?

The delivery time for solid carbide tools with coating is one week, excluding express delivery time.

Standard tool wholesale, non-standard tool customization, tool overall contracting plan design.

What business are you involved in?

How to deal with product maintenance?

Normal warranty, continuous tracking after receipt of goods.

Products are manufactured according to ISO001 quality system, EU CE certification, and raw materials have SGS material reports.

How to ensure product quality?

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