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Production of solid carbide drill bits, milling cutters, reamers, plug gauges, alloy blades, carbide saw blade milling cutters, spiral end mills, welding tools, indexable tools, machining center tools, tool holders, etc. CNC machining field. And undertake the design and manufacturing of various non-standard cutting tools.
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Diesel Engine Body Water Pump Hole Processing
Diesel Engine Cylinder Head Injector Hole Processing
Aluminum Piston Wall Valve Pit Processing
Aluminum Piston Pin Hole Processing
Processing requirements: countersink body water pump hole forming cone

Processing difficulties: the forming surface of the pump hole requires a long cone length, a large cone diameter size, and easy to vibrate the knife during processing.

Tool features: the use of welded alloy blade + high-quality alloy steel cutter body, which can not only ensure the machining accuracy but also ensure the strength of the tool, and carry out special treatment on the cutting edge of the tool according to the processing requirements.
Processing requirements: Injector hole finishing

Processing difficulties: the injector hole is the key hole of the diesel engine cylinder head. The drawings require hole 10.7H7, coaxiality 0.1, full runout 0.05, diameter size and shape and position tolerance are required.

Tool features: the use of integral alloy reamer processing, can not only ensure machining accuracy but also ensure efficiency. The tool adopts unequal pitch distribution and backward-guided positioning to reduce the risk of vibration.
Processing requirements: piston wall valve pit rough machining

Processing difficulties: the rough machining allowance of the wall valve pit is large, and it is easy to shake the knife

Tool features: In order to ensure the rigidity of the tool, the tool holder is directly connected with the machine tool turret, and the blade adopts wrong tooth distribution to reduce the cutting resistance.
Processing requirements: piston pin hole processing

Processing difficulties: in one process to achieve rough boring semi-fine boring pin hole, milling oil groove, inverted hole fillet and chamfer

Tool features: In order to ensure chip breaking, the cutting edge of the rough boring pin hole blade is specially treated, and the semi-fine boring blade adopts an adjustable mechanism to ensure the machining accuracy. Oil grooves, orifice rounds and chamfers are milled. In order to ensure the processing life, all inserts are welded PCD.
Provide one-stop tool package service, professionally undertake OEM & ODM production tasks.
CHANGZHOU CHINA MACHINERY TECHNOLOGY CO,LTD. is a professional manufacturer of solid carbide cutting tools, welded forming cutting tools, indexable cutting tools and carbide saw blade milling cutters.
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