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carbide square end mills selection technique
 May 30, 2022|View:908

When choosing carbide square end mills, the workpiece material and machining position should be considered. Carbide square end mills with straight or left-handed teeth are used to process materials with long, tough chips. In order to reduce the cutting resistance, the machining can be carried out along the length of the teeth. Carbide square end mills with a small number of teeth and a large rotation angle can reduce cutting heat when cutting aluminum and casting. In the groove processing, according to the amount of chip discharge to choose the appropriate tooth groove, otherwise, the chip plug occurred, often damaged carbide square end mills.

carbide square end mills

When choosing carbide square end mills, you should pay attention to the following three aspects.

(1) Firstly, carbide square end mills were selected according to the condition of no chip blockage.

(2) Honing the cutting edge in order to prevent breaking.

(3) Is to select the appropriate alveolar. Recommended Carbide Square End Mills application types: closed slot, shallow slot, full slot milling, non-linear slot, general-purpose.

Carbide square end mills for hard-to-cut materials (hard steel, HRSA, etc.), insert milling as a long tool extension problem solution, and easy to increase the additional semi-finishing/finishing processes.

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