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Causes of carbide taper end mills wear and preventive measures
 Mar 23, 2022|View:1029

Cause of carbide taper end mills wear

1, friction and wear: from the chip and tool before the tool surface, the elastic deformation of the work piece surface and the friction and wear between the tool surface. The main cause of friction caused by such mechanical wear at low cutting temperatures.

2, thermal wear: when cutting, due to serious plastic deformation and metal friction heat reduction, in order to reduce the hardness of cutting wear, resulting in the loss of blade wear, called thermal wear.

3, high temperature and high pressure, tungsten steel cutter and work piece materials will appear between the bonding phenomenon and erosion of the tool material, resulting in cutter bonding wear.

4, at higher temperatures, tungsten, cobalt, titanium and other elements wear to the internal diffusion of the tool material, which makes the cutting surface of the tool produce chemical changes, reduce the strength and wear resistance, making the tool produced by the tool diffusion wear.

Cause of carbide taper end mills wear

Measures to prevent carbide taper end mills wear

1, reasonable choice of carbide taper end mills blade: should use high toughness, heat crack resistance sensitivity is small, and has good heat resistance and wear resistance of the blade material. For example: when milling steel, YS30, YS25 and other brands of blades can be used; When milling cast iron, YD15 blade can be used to prevent cutter wear.

2, select the appropriate milling dosage: under certain processing conditions, there is a safe working area without damage. Choosing the work in the safe working zone can ensure the normal operation of the carbide taper end mills and reduce the carbide taper end mills wear.

3, reasonable selection of work piece and the relative position between the carbide taper end mills: reasonable selection of face carbide taper end mills installation position to reduce face carbide taper end mills wear.

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