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Application characteristics of carbide square end mills
 Feb 18, 2022|View:841

Application characteristics of carbide square end mills

1, milling methods of carbide square end mills are different, according to different processing conditions, in order to improve the durability and productivity of the tool, can choose different milling methods, such as reverse milling, along milling and symmetrical milling and asymmetric milling.

methods of carbide square end mills

2, successive cutting and milling time each cutter tooth is continuing to cut, especially end milling, milling cutter shake relatively large, so the sensation is inevitable. When the time frequency of the sensation and the natural frequency of the machine tool want to be the same or multiple times, the sensation is more serious. There is also in the high speed milling cutter often need manual cycle of cold and hot impact, relatively simple crack and collapse, making the durability decreased.

3, carbide rough end mills smulti knife multi edge cutting, milling cutter eat more, the total length of the cutting edge is large, is conducive to improving the durability of the tool and production yield, there are many advantages. But there are only two aspects.

First, the cutter teeth simply show radial runout, which will form the cutter teeth load is unequal, uneven wear, affecting the quality of the processed surface; Second, it is necessary to meet the chip tolerance space of the cutter teeth, otherwise it will damage the cutter teeth.

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