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carbide taper end mills market demand is increasing
 Jan 21, 2022|View:779

In the future, with the development of high-tech weapon and equipment manufacturing, science and technology and the rapid development of nuclear energy, the demand for carbide taper end mills with high technical content and high quality and stability will be greatly increased. Cemented carbide taper end mills hardness testing method: cemented carbide taper end mills hardness testing mainly uses Rockwell hardness tester, testing HRA hardness value, suitable for testing the hardness of cemented carbide taper end mills. The instrument has the same weight precision as the desktop Rockwell hardness tester, which is very convenient to use and carry.

demand for carbide taper end mills

Alloy is a kind of metal, hardness test can reflect the difference of mechanical properties of cemented carbide materials under different chemical composition, structure and heat treatment process conditions, so hardness test is widely used in the inspection of cemented carbide properties, supervision of the correctness of heat treatment process and the research of new materials. The hardness testing of cemented carbide has strong adaptability to the shape and size of its specimen and high test efficiency. In addition, there is a certain correspondence between the hardness of carbide square milling cutter and other physical properties.

Cemented carbide taper end mills tensile test equipment is huge, complex operation, to prepare samples, low test efficiency, for many metal materials, there is a hardness test and tensile test conversion table can be checked. Therefore, hardness test is more and more used in testing the mechanical properties of cemented carbide materials, rather than tensile test. Cemented carbide multi flutes end milling cutter can be used in the production site, sales site or material warehouse, this instrument is used to test cemented carbide work piece simple, fast, non-destructive, can be batch of finished or semi-finished cemented carbide work piece hardness test piece by piece.

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