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The difference between carbide square end mills and carbide taper end mills
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1. How to distinguish the use of carbide square end mills and carbide taper end mills when processing the hole?

Carbide square end mills and carbide taper end mills have flat angles on the top shape. I don't know if you've looked closely at the top of these two tools. The tip of a flat-bottomed drill is relatively flat, while the tip of an end mill is slightly recessed.

Therefore, the flat bottom drill can not only complete the ordinary blind hole processing, but also can complete the hook hole processing. If the use of end milling cutter processing then do not run through the bottom of the hole will have a small protrusion.

distinguish the use of carbide square end mills and carbide taper end mills

2. So carbide square milling cutter has better performance?

It is impossible to say who performs better. carbide square end mills although in appearance and carbide taper end mills similar, but as a tool, it is still a kind of drill, can only be used as a fixed size hole processing, so if you want to process different holes of the ming hole drill, need to prepare different sizes of drill. End milling cutters can be used to process holes of different sizes by spiral machining method without the need to prepare other machining tools. In addition to the possibility of flat bottom machining, it is more important to determine the type of machining to be completed than the material of the workpiece.

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