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carbide square end mills is sensitive and reliable
 Dec 17, 2021|View:643

Carbide square end mills are widely used in the field of large cutting depth feed processing, the use of ultra-fine grain nano coating technology, with high toughness gradient alloy matrix, excellent performance, in large cutting depth, large feed, high speed cutting process has the cutting performance.

The impact toughness and wear resistance of cemented carbide rough end mills are greatly improved, which is the ideal choice for high-speed cutting from finishing to semi-finishing of steel. The cutting speed can be increased by more than 25%, and the tool life can be increased by more than 30% at the same cutting speed. Alloy milling cutter adopts thick coating, has strong plastic deformation resistance and edge strength, is the general selection of steel from finishing to rough processing. Alloy milling cutter is suitable for finishing and semi-finishing of cast iron materials, with good impact resistance and plastic deformation resistance, and good impact resistance, suitable for finishing, semi-finishing and rough processing of stainless steel.

Carbide square end mills usage

In machining, when the tool needs to move between two points without cutting, there are some things to be aware of. When set as lift, carbide square end mills will step the cutter to the safety plane, and then move on the safety plane; Otherwise it will move directly between two points without lifting the knife. Direct movement can save the tool lifting time, but must pay attention to safety, there can be no convex parts in the moving path, especially pay attention to in programming, when the sub-region selection processing surface and partition processing, the middle part is not selected is higher than the part of the tool moving route.

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