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How to maintain carbide corner raduis end mills ?
 Nov 16, 2021|View:816

Alloy milling cutter is a common cutting tool in wood products processing. The quality of carbide corner raduis end mills is closely related to the quality of processed products. Correct and reasonable selection of carbide milling cutter is of great significance to improve product quality, shorten machining cycle and reduce machining cost. Alloy milling cutter has many advantages, but because the toughness of cemented carbide is poor than that of high speed steel, it is easy to collapse when the cutting technology is not chosen properly or the precision of machine tool is poor.

quality of carbide corner raduis end mills

1. Check the power and rigidity of the machine to ensure that the required milling cutter diameter can be used on the machine.

2. The overhang of the cutter on the spindle is as short as possible to reduce the influence of the axis of the cutter and the position of the workpiece on the impact load.

3.Carbide taper end mills use the correct milling pitch suitable for the process to ensure that there are not too many blades engaged with the workpiece at the same time to cause vibration, on the other hand, when milling narrow workpiece or milling cavity to ensure that there are enough blades engaged with the workpiece.

4. Ensure that the feed per blade is used so that the correct cutting effect can be achieved when the chip is thick enough to reduce tool wear. Position-angle slotted indexable blades are used for smooth cutting and low power.

5. Choose a milling cutter diameter suitable for the width of the workpiece.

6. Choose the correct main Angle.

7. Place milling cutter correctly.

8. Use cutting fluid only when necessary.

9. Follow tool maintenance and repair rules and monitor tool wear.

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