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Machining characteristics of carbide taper end mills
 Nov 02, 2021|View:809

Characteristics of carbide taper end mills:

Carbide taper end mills is one of the current domestic cutting tools, under the premise of giving full play to its advantages, comprehensive consideration of its production cost is low, so in recent years to replace it with high speed steel milling cutter user growth is very fast, the following small series will focus on the introduction of its information.

quality of carbide square end mills

Alloy milling cutter is a common cutting tool in wood products processing. The quality of carbide square end mills is closely related to the quality of processed products. Correct and reasonable selection of carbide milling cutter is of great significance to improve product quality, shorten machining cycle and reduce machining cost. Alloy milling cutter has many advantages, but because the toughness of cemented carbide is poor than that of high speed steel, it is easy to collapse when the cutting technology is not chosen properly or the precision of machine tool is poor. How to give full play to its advantages? There is a question of how to use it correctly.

The carbide ball nose end mills is thinner, the more sensitive to vibration and tensile stress when used, if there is a larger radial or axial runout easily caused damage, so the milling machine should run under the best state, that is, the precision of machine tool is high, the rigidity of cutter bar is good, the transmission is smooth, the amount of each tooth is constant, and the cooling is sufficient.

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