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How to improve the precision of carbide taper end milling cutter?
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How to improve CNC tool accuracy, details determine success or failure. It is necessary to pay attention to every detail of carbide square end mills manufacturing, which also plays a decisive role in the success or failure of tool manufacturing quality. Not many users care about the quality of the machining tool. From the choice of nc tool raw materials, pretreatment and the main parameters of the tool grinding, heat treatment and blade passivation and other details of the blade, the choice of tool coating, tool coating before and after processing, how to detect and packaging transportation and so on, need to pay attention to every detail.

The improvement of the carbide corner raduis end mills is always difficult in the manufacture of cemented carbide fillet end milling cutter. The main reason is that the effective part of this kind of cutter is long and the cutting edge is far from the clamping part. Due to edge away from the clamping part is too long, plus the tool clamping chuck has certain gripping accuracy before starting grinding, cutting tool edge of radial circular runout could have reached 0.005 mm to 0.01 mm heavy grinding technique, grinding force is bigger, increase the elastic deformation of cutting tool and machining process will produce a lot of problems, such as cutting tool trough asymmetry, The outer circle size, edge parameters and shape error of the tool do not meet the requirements, and even lead to the tool being broken in serious cases.

precision of the carbide taper end mills

The precision of the machine tool is the key to determine the precision of the carbide taper end mills when manufacturing any cutting tool, and the slender rod type cutting tool is no exception. The two sand wheel shafts of the machine tool are arranged longitudinally. When machining different parts of the tool, not only different grinding wheels can be selected, but also different sand wheel shafts can be selected. When the sand wheel shaft needs to be changed, it can be replaced automatically by the program control, and the repetition accuracy of the two shafts is very high, which can fully meet the accuracy requirements of the long and thin rod-shaped tool processing.

All the parameters of carbide square end mills are determined by the relative motion of grinding wheel and cutter. Therefore, the grinding wheel diameter, the Angle of grinding wheel directly participating in cutting, the flange length of sand wheel shaft, the wear of grinding wheel and the grain size of grinding wheel all affect the accuracy of cutter.

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