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Problems existing in the application of carbide rough end mills
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The existence of hard carbide rough end mills

(1) Carbide rough end mills cannot be optimized. The operator cannot make a reasonable selection of cutting stars for different materials. Mainly because the operator is mainly in school students, the relative lack of production experience, in the selection of cutting dosage, by experience choice, cutting dosage is not optimized, resulting in relatively low cutting power. Different materials and different type of milling cutter, the variable selection in the cutting process is unreasonable.

Carbide corner raduis end mills

(2) Carbide corner raduis end mills consumption is too large. The selection of cutting tool brand internship factory is not fixed, often change the brand, milling cutter consumption is too large, and then increase the input of knife county capital. For different heat treatment of workpiece, can not give full play to the best cutting performance of cutter county, milling cutter consumption is serious.

(3) The processing effect is not ambitious. In the actual process of operation, rough and fine car is often after a knife county to end, processing accuracy is too high, it is difficult to achieve the processing request. Parts processing end quality is not ambitious, hope to have a good solution, perhaps there is a very good selection in the milling cutter data.

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