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Selection principle of carbide square end milling cutter
 Oct 11, 2021|View:812

1) Hard carbide square end mills material hardness: high hardness material HRC40, more than this hardness of the material, the use of high hardness of thread milling cutter, that is, two or three teeth thread milling cutter, and processing HRC4o below, the use of standard full tooth or three teeth thread milling cutter.

2) Internal thread or external thread; Thread milling cutter Some specifications are universal internal and external threads, such as metric M or UN, the same thread milling cutter can process internal and external threads.

3) coarse carbide rough end mills thread length: follow the basic principle is no more than 4 times the diameter of the screw thread length, length of thread within four times as far as possible choose solid carbide thread cutter, with excellent results, more than four times the diameter of the part of the specification can be customized, undertake according to customer request custom thread milling cutter.

 Cemented carbide multi flutes end mills thread size

4) milling cutter diameter: according to the specifications of the thread hole to be processed to choose the closest milling cutter diameter, for example, machining M12×1.5 thread hole, 8.2 and P10 can be processed, the selection of P10 thread milling cutter blade diameter, rigidity is better.

5) According to the processing material selection of milling cutter materials, for example, JK10CA is suitable for processing HRC4a and some titanium alloy, stainless steel, high temperature alloy, JK20CB is suitable for processing HRC4ol following soft materials, JK10F is suitable for processing non-ferrous metals and other materials.

6) Cemented carbide multi flutes end mills thread size: is to choose the overall thread milling cutter or indexable thread milling cutter, generally speaking, M12 below the overall cemented carbide thread milling cutter, larger specifications shuo shuo generally recommend customized indexable thread milling cutter. Of course, also want to consider the customer's requirements and processing environment, such as high finish requirements, you should choose the overall thread milling cutter.

7 ) internal cold thread milling cutter or external cold thread milling cutter: internal cold thread milling cutter is not necessary, such as: processing of high hardness materials, especially difficult to process materials, deep hole threads or thread requirements of high finish, usually can be processed with our external cold thread milling cutter.

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