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How to grind carbide square end mills?
 Sep 28, 2021|View:839

The grinding method of end milling cutter is as follows:

1. Grinding of carbide square end milling cutter end:

With the original tool holder R8 chuck clamp milling cutter handle, according to 90° horizontal rolling carbide square end mills grinding accessories, unplug the limit screw, the tool holder can be reversed 360 degrees to the position of the grinding end edge, and then according to the point of view of the end cutting edge, grinding end edge of the Angle of the slope, pay attention to the way of grinding. After grinding, grind the other edge tooth with the tool rest indexing device by turning the tool 45 degrees (4 edges) or 0 degrees (2 edges).


2. Carbide square end milling cutter side edge grinding:

Replace the original tool rest table with a milling tool grinding accessory table. Insert the FB elastic sleeve into the conical hole of the milling cutter accessory table, insert the end milling cutter with appropriate diameter scale into the R sleeve and fix it, so the spiral end milling cutter will no longer roll. Adjust the end milling cutter to a higher base than the grinding wheel. Roll the tool rest table 0-40 degrees according to the degree of the back Angle of the side edge of the milling cutter, so that the accessory table of the end milling cutter can adjust the suitable grinding point. With carbide taper end mills grinding accessories on the guide adjustable bracket fixed groove needle to stick to the end milling cutter side edge spiral groove guide guide, and then directly early to free rotation (by guide guide) to push the hand some of the back and back grinding method of grinding milling cutter after the spiral edge. When the main rear Angle is finished, grind the rear Angle pair, needle the guide adjustable bracket fixing groove into the spiral groove of the second inclination, and then grind as the inclination of the top of the mill is the same.

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