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High speed milling processing end mill rigid research
 Sep 13, 2013|View:1491

The high-speed cutting refers to the high spindle speed and the high to feed fast under vertical end mill usually, on international in the aerospace manufacturing industry, the mold processing industry, in the auto parts processing industry and the precise components processing industry obtains the widespread application. The high speed milling may use in the aluminum alloy, the copper and so on easy to cut the metal and the chilled steel, the titanium alloy, the heat-resisting alloy and so on difficult to process the material, as well as carbon fiber Uygur plastic and so on nonmetallic material. For example in airplane part processings and so on aluminum alloy, the curved surface and the structure is complex, the material elimination quantity reaches as high as 90%~95%, uses the high speed milling to be possible to enhance the production efficiency and the working accuracy greatly; In the mold processing, the high speed milling may the work hardness be bigger than HRC50 the quenching steel stock, after the heat treatment uses the high speed milling to achieve the components size, the shape and the surface roughness request, therefore in many situations may omit the electric spark machining and the manual sharpening.

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