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End mills knowledge introduction
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  China endmill for milling machine operation slotted parts and precision machining appearance. Many things in our daily lives can be manufactured by a milling process. Those things are very costly if you do not use these milling tools, production, something only a few dollars to produce may have to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Milling One use of a wide range of machine tools, milling can be processed on the plane (horizontal, vertical) groove (keyway, T-shaped groove, dovetail, etc.), dividing tooth parts (gears, spline shaft, sprockets, well-behaved, spiral shaped surface (threaded, helical grooves), and various china endmill surfaces. addition, can also be used on the surface of the rotating body, the inner hole machining and for cutting work, such as milling machines at work, the workpiece is mounted on a work bench or indexing prime attachment cutter rotation-based movement, feed supplemented workbench or milling head movement, the workpiece can be machined surface. due to intermittent cutting multi-tool, and thus higher productivity of milling.

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