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The classification of china end mill
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China end mill has a lot of kinds, ordinary milling machine and CNC milling machine processing tank and the linear outline, mill boring machining center processing cavity and core, surface appearance/profile with.

Cutter can be broadly divided into:

1. Flat china end mill, finish-milling or rough milling, milling groove, remove a lot of blank, small area horizontal plane or contour finish-milling,

2. Ball end milling cutter, carries on the surface half finish-milling and finish-milling, A knife can finish-milling steep plane/straight wall of small chamfer.

3. Cabide Flat end mill with chamfer, may do rough mill to remove a lot of blank, still can finish-milling fine flat surface (relative to the steep plane) small chamfer.

4. Forming milling cutter, including chamfering cutter, T cutter or call drum type knife, tooth type knife, inner R knife.

5. Chamfer cutter, chamfering cutter shape and chamfering shape the same, divided into milling round chamfer and oblique chamfering of milling cutter.

6. T knife, milling T slot,

7. Tooth type knife, milling out all kinds of tooth type, such as gear.

8. Coarse skin knife, in view of the aluminum copper alloy cutting design rough milling cutter, can rapid processing.

There are two kinds of common milling cutter material: high speed steel, cemented carbide. The latter relative the former high hardness, cutting force is strong, can improve the speed and feed rate, increase productivity, let knife is not obvious, and processing of stainless steel/titanium alloy hard processing material, but the cost is higher, and the cutting force under the condition of rapid alternating easily broken knife.


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