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What is End Mills
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In order to help you know more about End Mills,we summarized its relevant information. Hiboo Tools offers both standard and specifically designed end mills. End Mills are a fluted round cutting tool used in milling. They come in a variety of forms with geometry that varies by application and material. End mills are used in Profiling, Slotting, Plunging and Contouring. Hiboo Tool has end mills for most materials and milling applications.

End Mills

General Selection Guidelines

Profile Finishing Cuts: 

Use 4 or 5 flute end mills. Greater rigidity with increased feed rates for finishing.


 Use 3 Flute to resist chatter. 2 Flutes for max material removal. Do not exceed depth of cut greater than one times diameter.


 Use 2 Flute for max material removal or 3 Flute to resist chatter.

After our introducing,we hope you may know more about end mills. And if you need this product,welcome to contact us.

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