>  Exchangeable milling head with 4 effective teeth at a 30° helix angle for flat bottom reaming
with 4 effective teeth at a 30° helix angle
Exchangeable milling head with 4 effective teeth at a 30° helix angle for flat bottom reaming
Exchangeable milling head with 4 effective teeth at a 30° helix angle for flat bottom reaming
Exchangeable milling head with 4 effective teeth at a 30° helix angle for flat bottom reaming
Exchangeable milling head with 4 effective teeth at a 30° helix angle for flat bottom reaming
Exchangeable milling head with 4 effective teeth at a 30° helix angle for flat bottom reaming
Exchangeable milling head with 4 effective teeth at a 30° helix angle for flat bottom reaming
Exchangeable milling head with 4 effective teeth at a 30° helix angle for flat bottom reaming
Exchangeable milling head with 4 effective teeth at a 30° helix angle for flat bottom reaming
Exchangeable milling head with 4 effective teeth at a 30° helix angle for flat bottom reaming
Exchangeable milling head with 4 effective teeth at a 30° helix angle for flat bottom reaming
Exchangeable milling head with 4 effective teeth at a 30° helix angle for flat bottom reaming
with 4 effective teeth at a 30° helix angle
Exchangeable milling head with 4 effective teeth at a 30° helix angle for flat bottom reaming


Versatility: Allows the user to easily change blades, making the tool versatile. Users can choose different types of cutter heads according to their needs to adapt to different tasks and work requirements.

Affordable: Thanks to the interchangeable blade design, users do not need to purchase multiple complete tools, but only additional blades. This saves costs and makes the tool more economical to use.

Convenient maintenance: Makes tool maintenance more convenient. When a cutter head wears out or fails, users only need to replace the blade, rather than having to replace the entire tool. This greatly simplifies the maintenance and upkeep process.

Flexibility: Provides greater flexibility so that the tool can be adapted to different materials and work scenarios. Users can choose cutter heads of different shapes, sizes and materials as needed to meet specific work requirements.





































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Product R&D Background


11.pngHow to quickly replace the tool without disassembling the tool handle?

Nowadays, technological advancements from the field of machine tool engineering have brought new opportunities to manufacturing, resulting in a "rethinking" of the manufacturing of different parts. Multi-task machines and turning centers enable different types of machining tasks to be performed on the same machine tool. The ability to machine an entire part in a single clamping of a toolholder has been a long-standing dream for every manufacturer.

22.pngHow to reduce manufacturing costs and tool inventory through reliable connection mechanisms?

Traditional solid carbide tools often use only a small part of the tool tip or tool contour during face milling, square shoulder milling, and copy milling. When encountering ultra-long stroke processing conditions, extension tools are required. Tool holder or tool arbor is used to assist, which increases the cost of using the tool. At the same time, during the processing of some non-standard parts, only one step or groove needs to be processed and a tool needs to be ordered, which also causes a waste of resources.

Product Advantages


◆ Strong stability

The cutter head is centered through the tapered surface of the cutter body; the cutter head and the cutter body (handle, handle) are in surface contact; the cutter head and the cutter body are connected by threads. The contact and centering of the cutter head with the taper surface of the cutter body makes the milling cutter have a higher precision level; the surface contact ensures that the cutter head overhang is controlled within strict tolerance limits. The result is that the cutter head has strict dimensional repeatability positioning accuracy after assembly; The threaded connection makes the replacement of the cutter head simple and easy to operate.

The biggest and most critical feature of the replaceable-head assembly tool developed by our company is its special thread structure and positioning mechanism. In order to distinguish it from the common thread structure on the market, our company named it: ST thread

Compared with the traditional M-shaped cusp thread, it has the following significant features:

1. A more perfect fit with the knife handle


The front end of the ST thread has a tapered surface. After being connected to the tool holder and tightened with a wrench, its unique slope mechanism will produce a "tightening" effect, similar to the Morse handle principle.


The front end of the ordinary M-type thread is straight. After being connected to the tool holder, it is impossible to judge whether it fits properly. There may be gaps during use, causing jumps.

2. Higher accuracy


The double positioning structure solves the shortcoming of M-type threads that only rely on plane positioning, and maintains excellent concentricity and circumferentiality.

3. Better reliability


The ST thread is as shown in the figure. It has a wider ruler and pitch and is stronger during use. The sharp teeth of the M-type thread will crack, crack or even break. This is one of the main reasons why we developed a new interface.


The ST thread has better locking force, making it easier for customers to replace it and no additional adjustments are required.

◆ Compared with the replaceable cutter heads imported from abroad, our company's products are cost-effective.


① The production cycle is short. Our company has mature technology and supporting equipment and is now capable of large-scale production.

② Materials, coatings, etc. can be flexibly selected according to customer needs to meet customer demand for price.

③ Provide non-standard customized services and provide complete pre-sales, sales and after-sales services.

◆ In the process of developing this replaceable head tool, our company also developed a matching tool holder.In terms of material selection of the tool holder, customers are given more choices.

① Solid carbide tool holder

It has excellent vibration resistance and is not limited by foreign technology. In addition, the taper can be ground according to customer needs to avoid voids.

② It adopts V-shaped welding, the connecting part is made of steel, and the remaining part is made of carbide.

Its characteristic is that it uses the good ductility of steel to provide stronger tensioning force.


◆ A wide range of possibilities, minimizing downtime

Fully responding to the important demand principle of "no downtime", replacement of worn and failed tool heads does not require additional loading and unloading operations. The tool head can be replaced without removing the entire milling cutter from the machine, which significantly reduces downtime. The series of unified threaded connections allow the cutter body to hold different cutter heads, and the cutter heads are also adapted to different cutter bodies; changing the tool holder to a universal tool holder can not only reduce tool investment but also reduce tool inventory.

In addition, we also provide extension rods and reduction rods for a wide range of applications, ensuring that the required tool structure can be provided to process workpiece areas with poor accessibility. Applications include square shoulder milling, plane milling, curved surface copy milling, chamfer milling, slot milling, thread milling, etc., and has hole processing capabilities covering center hole drilling, spot drilling and countersunk screw hole processing.

Solving the problem of thread interface stability, we can develop ever-changing assembly cutter heads on this basis, while supporting non-standard customization.


Product Outlook



◆ Feasibility of project industrialization

1. Sufficient market demand

The emergence of this product of our company has filled the market gap of domestically produced replaceable head tools, reduced users' production costs, and improved users' production efficiency.

2. Reasonable team structure

The company's R&D team provides complete theoretical and technical support, and has prepared active response plans in the early promotion, mid-term production, and later support processes.

3. Complete production line

The company specializes in the production of non-standard cutting tools and provides customers with complete cutting tool solutions. Except for quenching, coating and other environmentally friendly links, all are designed and produced by the company itself.

◆ Project planned establishment status

This product has begun mass production and has received good feedback from users. It has been unveiled at domestic and foreign exhibitions and has received very enthusiastic responses. The company will continue to promote it.

◆ Project development plan

1. Develop a wider range of cutter heads and tool holders to adapt to more industries and working conditions

2. Register patents to protect intellectual property rights

3. Improve production scale and efficiency to meet customer needs


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Our Production Process

  • 1_画板 1.png

    Make Demands

  • 2_画板 1.png

    Tool Specifications or Workpiece Drawings

  • 3_画板 1.png

    Communicate Processing Methods and Needs

  • 4_画板 1.png

    Start Designing and Communicating

  • 5_画板 1.png

    Quotation After Confirmation

  • 6_画板 1.png

    Customer Accepts Price

  • 7_画板 1.png

    Negotiate Payment and Delivery Time

  • 8_画板 1.png

    Customized Delivery of Cutting Tools

  • 9_画板 1.png

    After-sales Problem Communication

  • 10_画板 1.png

    Processing Parameter Adjustment

Production and Processing




Application areas



Metal processing manufacturing


Machinery and equipment manufacturing industry


Mold making


Electronic product manufacturing


Metallurgical equipment manufacturing industry


Aerospace manufacturing


New energy industry


State-owned Heavy Industry

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CHANGZHOU CHINA MACHINERY TECHNOLOGY CO,LTD. is a professional manufacturer of solid carbide cutting tools, welded forming cutting tools, indexable cutting tools and carbide saw blade milling cutters.

Production of solid carbide drill bits, milling cutters, reamers, plug gauges, alloy blades, carbide saw blade milling cutters, spiral end mills, welding tools, indexable tools, machining center tools, tool holders, etc. CNC machining field. And undertake the design and manufacturing of various non-standard cutting tools.

The company uses high-quality domestically produced and imported rods and advanced first-class manufacturing equipment from Germany and Australia to meet the various needs of customers. High-quality materials and sophisticated equipment have created the company's first-class products. We sincerely welcome new and old customers to call and write to discuss ordering.


The company has a number of invention patents and professional-related honorary certificates to protect your product selection and manufacturing.

◆ National High-Tech Enterprise

◆ Holds Several National Patents

National Registered Trademark

◆ Jiangsu Province Shangyun Enterprise

ISO9001 Quality System Certification

3A Credit Rating Certificate

Independent Import And Export Rights


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How to doing the after service?

In order to improve user productivity, reduce user production costs, solve user cutting problems, and satisfy user processing quality. With quality first, reputation first, timely delivery and dedicated service to the manufacturing industry!

How to doing the after service?

Direct access to BZW Machinery specialists

Free telephone support all the time

Assist your workers in performing adjustment

Remote access for very efficient trouble shooting

Fast reaction time for on-site repair

Breakdown plan with guaranteed reaction times

What do I need to provide for customized knives?

The customer provides the workpiece drawing, and our company has specialists to design the tool.

Minimum order quantity for non-standard tools is 2 pieces.

What is the minimum order quantity?

How long is the delivery time of the tool?

The delivery time for solid carbide tools with coating is one week, excluding express delivery time.

Standard tool wholesale, non-standard tool customization, tool overall contracting plan design.

What business are you involved in?

How to deal with product maintenance?

Normal warranty, continuous tracking after receipt of goods.

Products are manufactured according to ISO001 quality system, EU CE certification, and raw materials have SGS material reports.

How to ensure product quality?

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